MG Car Club Victoria member No.20
  • MG  Car Club member since July 1965, aged 18.
47 years continual membership.
Have owned an MG every day of my life since 10th April 1965
1965 MG Y type
1965 – 1972 MG TA 1938. (Pre War Champion in 1966)
1968 to 1970 MG F type Magna track racer.
1969 to date MG QType body from Les Murphy’s QA 0256.
1970 to date Ian Capewell’s MG B 1967 Mk 1. (WinnerLap Dash Winton 1989 Nat .Meet.)
1970 to date Elfin Streamliner with MG TC gear box! (And MG dip stick)
1981 to date MG P type in process of being rebuilt as a track racer with the Q type body.
2003 to date MGB GT. 1967 US import, restored herein 2000.
2006 to dateMG ZT V8.
Joined the Committee on 29th June 1966 with Wally Magilton.
Appointed Asst.Treasurer to Darrell Bresnahan in 1967.
Club Treasurer from July 1968 to June 1971.
Served as Club Auditor 1972-1974.
Black Spinner award No.19
  • Family:
Married to Debi since 1971.
Family of 3 boys and 3 girls all grown up.
Have lived at 19 Waratah Avenue Mordialloc since December 1972.
3 grandchildren.
  • Business background:
Graduated from RMIT School of Accountancy in 1970.
Registered Company Auditor since 1972.
Registered Tax Agent since 1972.
Have been in practice as a Public Accountant since 1972.
Member of the ASCPA for 29 years now a Fellow of the NTAA.
  • Other Not for Profit appointments:
Fitzroy Football Club Ltd. Secretary & Treasurer since 1998. (This ex AFL Club is now a member of the Victorian Amateur Football Association, competing in Premier B.)
Woodlands Golf Club. Treasurer 2003-2007. Chairman of the Woodlands Foundation. Member of the Finance Sub-Committee.)
Fitzroy Foundation. Secretary and Governor 1994 to 1998.
            While I am not a very active Club member these days, I am one of the very many long serving members who hold the Club in a very special way. It gave me an entry into amateur motor sport at a young age and historic motor sport is my favourite past time to this day with the Elfin that I raced to glory at Winton 41 years ago and my beloved Mk 1 B which still holds a Cams Production Sports car log book issued in 1968 when she competed in production sports car racing at Calder and Hume Weir in the late 60s and early 1970s. I’ve still got them and the Elfin is back in action. The Aussie B went off to England in 2014 with a group of MG Car Club members.
I have seen the Club grow from 163 members to the wonderful organisation it is today. I think David Hutchings concept of establishing a foundation for the future financial benefit of our Club as a brilliant idea and I am honoured to be asked to serve on the Board of Trustees of the Foundation.
Quite apart from raising capital funds for the benefit of the Club, it also has the ability of adding something to the Club that has been missing; an opportunity to keep older members in touch with the Club.
The MG Car Club holds a very special place in my life and I hope it continues to prosper and give so much enjoyment to lovers of our famous marque and to amateur motor sport in general.
Bill Atherton
12th November 2012